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Bathroom refresh service

Does your shower area, bathroom, wet room or steam room need an overhaul? Is your grout contaminated with limescale and mould? Has your silicone gone black and started to perish? Sussex Stone Care offers a very unique service in that we can clean down tiles, stone and grout in these environments to remove mould, limescale and scum.

Common issues with bathroom grout

Bathrooms are the part of the home that tends to become dirty the most quickly. Daily use, especially by several different people, is unfortunately always going to leave some sort of impression. Particularly if they haven’t been properly ventilated, bathrooms can suffer badly from black mould. This mould thrives in warm, damp conditions, so is often brought on by regular showering. Grout provides a particularly attractive surface upon which the bacteria can multiply. You’ve no doubt seen dark markings around grouting before, it’s an extremely common problem.

Another frequent issue is discoloration on bathroom tiles from repeated soap spray. When washing, warm soapy water gets splashed onto bathroom tiles, over time this gradually builds up. This soap can be surprisingly stubborn to remove, especially without the right gear. Whilst it can be harder to spot on dark tiling, it will show especially quickly on lighter tiles. If the tiles are natural stone and haven’t been properly sealed it could leave lasting marks on the stone, so it’s worth treating sooner rather than later to keep your bathroom looking great.

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